A contract for the TTVAM information system maintenance, development and improvement »

On 25 March 2016 UAB Elsis PRO signed a service contract with the International School of Law and Business (hereinafter – TTVAM) on the information system (TTVAMIS) maintenance, development and improvement. During the contract implementation the TTVAMIS will be further … ….

Elsis PRO – one of the fastest growing technology companies in Lithuania »

For 12 years the newspaper Verslo Žinios (Business News) has held the contest of the fastest-growing enterprise “Gazelė” (Gazelle), which has already managed to earn recognition among business society. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) participate in this contest. SMEs are … ….

ELSIS – 25 years of success! »

February 1st marks the 25th anniversary of the registration of the ELSIS company – currently one of the largest information and communication technology business groups in Lithuania, also successfully operating in markets of the European Union and other countries. Today … ….

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