Subcontract Agreement with PPS Pipeline Systems GmbH on Modernisation of Technological Management of Gas Pipeline

Elsis ts

On 30 May 2017, Elsis TS, UAB signed a subcontract agreement with a German company PPS Pipeline Systems GmbH on the provision of electro-technical, process management and automation, remote connection (telecommunications), alarm systems, lightning protection, and earthing system installation   services, including all related materials and equipment as well as all earthmoving and various construction-related works which will be carried out while implementing the main agreement Launching of Monitoring Device and Installation of Intake Chamber and Installation of Expedient Technological Management of Gas Transmission System signed between PPS and Amber Grid, AB, a Lithuanian natural gas system transmission operator.

During the term of this subcontractor agreement the following activities will be carried out at the nodes of the gas pipeline branches (5 objects):

  • Installation of electrical, electricity connection or combined wind and solar power plant connection, and lighting system;
  • Installation of weak power networks;
  • Installation of earthing and lightning protection systems;
  • Installation of automation, SCADA, remote connection, process management, data transmission systems;
  • Installation of alarm system, security and surveillance system;
  • Installation of impulse pipe system and its connection;
  • Connection of newly installed P/H gears, adjustment of rear positions;
  • Other activities related to the scope of the agreement.

Activities will be carried out at gas pipeline branches in Girininkai, N.Akmenė, Palanga and Jonava gas distribution station and thread II Panevėžys-Šiauliai of the gas pipeline.

The price of the agreement is more than EUR 1,1 million excl. VAT, all activities are scheduled to be completed before 7 October 2018.