Agreement for the Construction of Automation System of “Baltic Connector” Gas Pipeline

Elsis ts

UAB Elsis TS has signed a subcontract with a consortium represented by AS EG Ehitus, AS Scanweld and UAB Alvora for construction work of the automation system of the “Baltic Connector” pipeline on the Estonian side.

The “Baltic Connector” project is carried out by the Finnish company “Baltic Connector Oy” together with the Estonian gas transmission system operator AS Elering. The project will enable the interconnection of the Baltic and Finnish gas markets and their integration with the EU’s common energy market It will also improve energy security by diversifying gas distribution channels, and promote security of supply in Finland and the Baltic Sea region, providing Finland access to underground gas storage in Latvia.

The “Baltic Connector” project will comprise the offshore pipeline between Inkoo in Finland and Paldiski in Estonia, and the Finnish and Estonian onshore pipelines that will link “Baltic Connector” to the existing gas transmission networks in these countries. The route covers 21 kilometres of onshore pipeline in Finland, 77 kilometres of offshore pipeline, and 55 kilometres of onshore pipeline in Estonia. Compressor stations will be built in Finland and Estonia. The pipeline is bi-directional, enabling the transmission of 7.2 million cubic metres of gas per day.

During the implementation of this agreement, the automation works will be performed in the Gas Pipeline Reduction Stations (GRS), Linear Closure Stations (LVS) and Control Units Launching / Receiving Stations.

The project will contribute to the construction of the Baltic Connector two-way natural gas pipeline between Inkoo, Finland and Paldinski, Estonia, which connects the Kiili-Paldiski DN700 MOP54 pipeline.

The value of the contract exceeds EUR 750,000, work is scheduled to be completed by 20 September 2019.

You can find out more about the Baltic Connector project by watching the video: