Information about the activity of Elsis group companies regularly published in various business publications, news portals, other electronic media.

Facts about group of enterprises Elsis


Elsis – group of 7 enterprises, operating in the field of information and communications technologies (ICT) and intelligent engineering systems.

Group of enterprises started its activities in the year 1991. At present it is one of the largest ICT and electronic engineering companies not only in Lithuania, but also in Baltic states.

Companies of the group provide customized software solutions and information systems, telecommunication and tactical communication, telemetry, environmental monitoring, smart house, building automation and management solutions, and implementing various defence and security infrastructure projects.

Elsis collaborates with many world known international IT, telecommunications and engineering companies.

Elsis companies operate not only in Lithuania, but also in European Union and other countries.

The group of companies Elsis implementing complex projects in both public and private sectors.


Elsis media contact:
Mindaugas Narijauskas
Mobile phone: +370 610 13070