Agreement on the Provision of Programming-Configuration Services of Telemetry Controllers and Additional Equipment Signed

Elsis ts

ELSIS TS, UAB was declared the successful bidder of the tender announced by Amber Grid, AB “Implementation of Remote Control of Technological Processes of the Gas Transmission System and of the System of Collection of Gas Meter Readings”, namely, of the Procurement Part II “Programming-Configuration Services of Telemetry Controllers and Additional Equipment” and signed a contract with Amber Grid, AB on 26 October this year.
Objectives of the project focus on modification of telemetry controllers’ software, modification of programmed-logic controllers and operator terminals’ software, and replacement of SCADA software in the operators’ centre. Following the performance of the aforementioned activities, it will be possible to transfer data from telemetry controllers to the new information system of gas metering, chemical composition of gas and physical parameters.
The project is conducted using the funds of the EU Funds’ Investments (2014–2020).
All work is planned to be completed before 30 November 2018.