Lightning detection system modernization

Elsis ts

UAB Elsis TS 2019 on October 3, 2019 signed a contract with the Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service under the Ministry of Environment (hereinafter – LHMT) on lightning detection system modernization works.

Currently, the LHMT meteorological surveillance network operates a low-frequency lightning detection system of Vaisala Oyj (Finland), which enables detection of low-frequency cloud-to-earth (CG) lightning discharges (accuracy of the positioning of the CG discharge is currently within 500 m of the territory of the Republic of Lithuania.), determine CG discharge location, polarity, intensity, group individual discharges in real time and display repeatability values, transmit and display real time data for analysis purposes.

The lightning detection system currently consists of three Vaisala LS7000 sensors installed at Biržai, Šilutė and Varėna meteorological stations, and a central processing unit Vaisala TLP100, which processes and analyses the primary data sent by the sensors.

During the execution of this contract, three currently used system sensors and a lightning detection central processing unit system will be upgraded, as well as a fourth sensor installed at the Raseiniai Automatic Meteorological Station and integrated into the system. The completed works will allow the Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service to monitor the data more accurately and reliably and avoid incomplete coverage of the territory of Lithuania in case of unexpected failure of any station.

The contract was concluded within the framework of the project “Renewal of the Hydrological and Meteorological Observation Network” financed by the European Union Structural Funds Nr. 05.1.1-APVA-V-004-01-0007.

The value of the contract is more than 167 000 EUR excluding VAT, works are planned to be completed by 03.05.2020.