Advanced Communication Interface Model

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Development of Advanced Communication Interface Model




2011/01 – 2014/12


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Project description:

Clean Sky program is joint undertaking (JU) by industry, science and research community and European Commision (JU – Joint Undertaking). The CS comprise of 6 Joint Technology Innitiative areas (JTI), JTI is divided into domains, domains – into work packages (WP).

Elsis, as Associate partner, participated in MTM (Mission & Trajectory Management) domain of GRA JTI. GRA technological leaders – Alenia Aermacchi (Italy) and EADS Casa (Spain), MTM domain leader – Alenia Aermacchi, other participants – THALES Avionics (France), University of Bologna and ELSIS.

The main goal of MTM domain – with the help of flight simulator demonstrate new flight mission  and aircraft trajectory management possibilities, which would allow to optimize flight parameters, thus ensuring lower fuel consumption (economical dimension), less air polution and noise (environmental dimension).

Flight simulator (GRA FS) comprises of 3 main parts: aircraft simulator (GRA or 90 pax turboprop aircraft analogue), air trafic controller simulator (ATC) and air traffic scenario modeller (ATM).

ELSIS task – design and develop new type of interface (advanced communication interface model) to be used between aircraft (pilot) and air traffic control centre (ATC), starting fromthe  prototype to fully featured version, also integrate the ATC into GRA FS.

The ATC software application not only represents the aircraft on the map (GIS) together with relevant flight data, but also provides new and advanced communication means between pilot and air traffic control centre, e.g. substituting voice communication with message communication, direct exchange of information between air controller and aircraft flight management system (FMS). The new modern message communication standards (protocols) were implemented in ATC application: ADS-C (Automatic Dependence Surveillance – Contract) and CPDLC (Controller-Pilot Data Link Communication). All this allows to imporve management quality, increase communication efficiency and flight safety.

Technology used:
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, C#, DotSpatial GIS, SQLite DB, VT-MAK HLA (RTI, VR-Link) simulation platform.

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