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Project full name:

Advanced Communication Interface Model Development and Integration into GRA Flight Simulator




2011/01 – 2012/12


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Project description:

GRA (Green Regional Aircraft) flight simulator has been developed while performing EU FP7 program „Clean Sky” (GRA ITD domain, MTM area).

GRA flight simulator is being developed as a tool for modelling, testing, verification and validation of the new approaches in air traffic and flight management. This tool will enable to find the most appropriate ways of flight mission and trajectory profile optimization depending on various factors – meteorological, environmental, economical, etc.

GRA simulation system comprises of several fully independent sub-systems: aircraft flight simulator (cockpit), airt traffic center controller simulator (ATC) and air traffic management scenario modeller (ATM).

During project implementation „ELSIS” has been working on the design and development of ATC simulator with a lot of new future oriented technical solutions inside. The future systems should provide direct communication between ATC on the ground and FMS onboard, thus automatic communication between aircraft (pilot) and ground (ATC) systems. Depending on information the aircraft system (FMS) should select the most optimal flight parameters: speed, flight level, continuos descent/landing trajectories, etc.

The ATC simulator has the following functionality:

– Aircraft and relevant information presentation on the map (GIS): callsign, direction, speed, flight level, other;
– Various map (GIS) formats support and standard map management features implementation: zooming, shift, distance adn plto measurement, bearing, etc.;
– Aircraft list presentation (e-strips): take-off, climbing, en-route, descent, landing, taxi, etc.
– automatic alert generation: STCA, MTCD, MSAW;
– conflict route presentation: aircraft trajectories, lateral and vertical profiles;
– communication with aircraft (only with controlled a/c);
– receiving of information from the aircraft in ADS-C message format;
– information from/to aircraft download/upload in CPDLC message format;
– performed simulation scenario recording and review;
– receiving of information from UNIBO (University of Bologna) ATM scenario generator and presentation in ATC system;

Technology used

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, C#, DotSpatial GIS, SQLite DB, VT-MAK HLA (RTI, VR-Link) simulation platform.

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