EU SF management and monitoring IS

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Project full name:

Adjustment of the information system on management and monitoring of mastering of the EU Structural and Cohesion Funds to the 2007-2013 years’ period of support” (SFMIS2007).




2007 /08 – 2010 /07



Project description:

SFMIS is a state information system designed for statistical and financial data, related to SPD (Single Programming Document) implementation and EU Structural and Cohesion Funds financial support, collection, processing and reporting for 2007-2013 support period. SFMIS secures timely information transmission to the EU Commission, ensuring required controllability and accountability of the whole process. SFMIS is a result of further modernization and development of previous system considering new requirements, rules and regulations of EU, new structure of used documents, increased amount of information, new management and control system. Simplification and acceleration of the processes of administration and of the procedures of filling in and loading of the documents to be submitted into the system served as the principal goals of the SFMIS2007 system.

Technology used

3-tier architecture, web-interface, Oracle 10g DBMS, Oracle 10g Application Server, Oracle BI for analysis and reporting, Apache Tomcat, Java XML, JSF (Trinidad JSF components, AJAX), Jasper Reports.


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