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Project full name:

NATO AGS Core System MGEC Component D/F STANAG 4676 Software Implementation


Airbus Defence and Space GmbH (Germany)


2013/01 – 2016/12



Project description:

During the implementation of the project, several business services for the Mobile General Exploitation Component (MGEC), which is part of the Mobile General Ground Station (MGGS) of NATO AGS Core System, were created. One of them – Deformatter / Formatter (D/F) software for STANAG 4676 or track processing service according to NATO  STANAG 4676 requirements.

STANAG 4676 – NATO Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Tracking Standard (NITS) defines a standard for the data content and format for the products of tracking systems and a recommended set of procedures for identifying and managing those tracks. It provides technical guidance for implementation and testing of the content and format of data used to share and disseminate tracks for exploitation by ISR systems, this ensuring interoperability for the exchange of tracking data among North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Systems.

STANAG 4676 covers all ISR domains, including Blue Force Tracking, thus enabling to create a centralized system for tracking and managing moving objects.

D/F STANAG 4676 service performs conversion of track data in native STANAG 4676 format to internal format for use in ISR exploitation (deformatter function), and conversion of track data in internal format to STANAG 4676 compliant format (formatter function), also provides interfaces to other MGEC system parts and services.

Java 1.8, Talend ESB, Eclipse RCP (GUI)

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