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Subcontracting services for the implementation of SESAR programme




2014/03 – 2015/12


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Project description:

The project is jointly implementeded by companies Elsis and Elsis PRO.

SESAR means Single European Sky ATM Research, where ATM stands for Air Traffic Management. SESAR is a joint technology initiative (JTI), a part of the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme (FP7) aimed at facilitating research and technologic development in 2007-2013.

The overall goal of SESAR is the creation of the Single European Sky (SES), which would allow: (1) increasing airspace capacity and permeability (of flights), (2) increasing efficiency of the air traffic management system, (3) increasing flight safety, (4) reducing air pollution.

These goals are expressed in specific and measurable indicators, which SESAR plans to achieve by 2020:

  • to increase air space capacity threefold (17 million flights per year);
  • to increase flight safety by a factor of 10;
  • to reduce the environmental impact per flight by 10% (fights 8-14 min. shorter, fuel consumption lower by 300-500 kg, 1000 – 1500 kg lower CO2 emission);
  • to reduce flight management costs by 50%;

In order to achieve these ambitious goals, the development and deployment of a new generation air traffic management (ATM) system is necessary, which requires new technologies, new legal framework and procedures.

The research object and ultimate goal of the SESAR is ensurance of the maximum interaction between aircraft, air traffic control centres and aircraft ground services throughout the entire flight phase, and optimization of these operations in time. A flight phase includes passenger boarding (gate, ramp departure), taxi-out, take-off, terminal area departure, climb, cruise, descent, terminal area arrival, taxing and passenger disembarkation (at a gate).

This is the only possible way to ensure the optimal flight path gate-to-gate. In the achievement of this goal, the fourth dimension – time – is introduced (3 spatial coordinates + time). The basis of the entire concept is the so-called 4D Trajectory Management.

Time dimension implies the requirements for all participants in the process to communicate in a single protocol and exchange information in real time. This is not a simple task, especially given the fact that both civil and military aircraft, their communication systems, control measures and techniques must be combined.

The work performed by Elsis companies in the SESAR programme include of 3 separate parts:

  • ADS-B messaging system implementation;
  • Meteo Server application implementation (External Meteo Plug-in);
  • Communication software, interfacing FMS (Flight Management System) with the Alenia (Simulation) Framework, implementation;

Technologies used:
Microsoft .NET framework, C#, C++ programming language, DotSpatial GIS, Marble GIS, SQLite embedded DB, MAK HLA simulation protocol, Qt framework.


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