SESAR WP9.2 and WP9.3 subcontracting

ElsisElsis pro
Project full name:

Subcontracting services for the implementation of SESAR programme


Finmeccanica S.p.A, Aircraft Division, former Alenia Aermacchi S.p.A. (Italija)


2014/03 – 2015/12


Air traffic management system simulator (ATM); GIS solutions;

Project description:

The project is jointly implementeded by companies Elsis and Elsis PRO.

SESAR means Single European Sky ATM Research, where ATM stands for Air Traffic Management. SESAR is a joint technology initiative (JTI), a part of the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme (FP7) aimed at facilitating research and technologic development in 2007-2013.

Results, obtained during SESAR programme implementation, are categorised according to 4 key areas of ATM (key features):

  • High-performing airport operations
  • Advanced air traffic services
  • Optimised ATM network services
  • Enabling aviation infrastructure

Results, provided by Elsis activity – software development services for implementation of WP9.2 and WP9.3, belong to Enabling aviation infrastructure area of ATM. This feature will rely on enhanced integration and interfacing between aircraft and ground systems, including ATC and other  stakeholder systems, such as flight operations and military mission management systems, meteorological information exchange, flight plan extension during the flight, other.

Activity results – successful SW application development and integration into ALENIA simulation framework, which will be used for demonstration and assessment of new air traffic management (ATM) methods and their practical application possibilities:

  • ADS-B messaging system;
  • Meteo Server application (External Meteo Plug-in);
  • Communication software, interfacing FMS (Flight Management System) with the Alenia (Simulation) Framework, implementation.

Technologies used:
Microsoft .NET framework, C#, C++ programming language, DotSpatial GIS, Marble GIS, SQLite embedded DB, MAK HLA simulation protocol, Qt framework.

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