Elsis PRO will develop a new generation defense intelligence system

Elsis pro

On June 15, 2020, the European Defense Agency has awarded more than € 8 million. EUR funding for the PEONEER project (Persistent Earth Observation for actioNable intElligence survEillance and Reconnaissance). Elsis PRO and a consortium of nine partners from 8 European Union countries will develop a prototype of a new generation spatial monitoring and intelligence platform based on artificial intelligence technologies.

The PEONEER project is funded by the European Defense Industrial Development Program (EDIDP). Over a two-year period, technologies and methods will be developed to efficiently collect, aggregate, and process information from Earth observation satellites and other sources. The platform will provide a basis for effective and up-to-date decision-making, strengthening the overall security and defense potential of the European Union’s space.

For more information, see the European Commission’s report:

Award poster_EDIDP_PEONEER